3 Popular Vinyl Floor Finish Options

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Vinyl plank flooring can be a good choice in many different areas of your home, including high-traffic spots and rooms that have water such as your bathroom and laundry room. When you shop for this popular flooring product, you might start by looking at the various colors and designs that are available. Vinyl flooring can vary a lot in appearance, so taking some time to browse the options at a local flooring store will ensure that you get a product that will be a perfect addition to your home. You should also consider what finish you want the residential vinyl flooring to have. Here are three popular options.


There are lots of vinyl flooring products that have a glossy finish, which can be appealing to some homeowners. The shiny surface of the vinyl has a bright quality that can augment the look of a room. Glossy vinyl can especially be a good option if you're choosing vinyl that looks like certain other flooring materials. For example, if you've decided to shop for vinyl planks that have the appearance of stone tile, you might favor a glossy finish because of how many tiles are glossy. The glossiness of the vinyl will make it look even more like real tiles.


While the glossy look can work well in certain areas, you might want a vinyl flooring product that offers more of an understated appearance. If so, you'll want to focus on those that have a matte finish. Matte finishes lack the shine of glossy flooring, which may be the look that best suits one or more rooms in your home. When you compare an assortment of matte vinyl flooring products, you'll often notice that the finish can vary a little. Some have absolutely no shine, while others have a slight amount of shine that is still well below a glossy finish.


Regardless of whether you want glossy or matte, you may wish to look for vinyl flooring that has a textured finish. Whereas some flooring products are perfectly smooth, you'll also find some that have various lines and ridges. These products can be pleasant to walk on, and can also offer a degree of visual interest. In the case of vinyl flooring that is made to look like wood, for example, the parts of the vinyl that represent the grain in the wood might be raised slightly for a textured look and feel.