Why It's Worth Having A Pro Refinish Your Wood Floors

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One of the best things about wood floors is the fact that they can be refinished when they start to look worn or damaged. Some homeowners do refinish their own wood floors. This is entirely possible to do if you have the time, equipment, and know-how. However, most homeowners are better off paying a professional to refinish their hardwood floors instead.

Here are the key reasons why professional refinishing is often the best option. 

You won't have to clean up a big mess

The first step in refinishing hardwood floors is usually to sand off the old finish. This can be a messy process, especially if you are not proactive in containing it. The dust from the finish is not something you want to breathe in, either. A hardwood floor refinishing company will have the setup to avoid making a mess when they sand the floor. Most have dust collectors connected to their sanders. They may separate the room with plastic and run an air cleaner, too. This is safer, and it's a lot less work for you and your family.

Professionals can fix damaged and imperfect areas

Are there any parts of your wood floor that are dinged, dented, or otherwise damaged? Most floor refinishing companies will fix or repair any such damage before they refinish the floor. This results in a hardwood floor that looks newer and in better condition than if you were to have refinished it yourself. Sometimes, the refinishers may remove and replace damaged floorboards. Other times, they may fill the divots with wood putty or the like. They can decide the best approach on a case-by-case basis, based on their past experience.

They'll know what finishes work best

Choosing a finish for a hardwood floor is not easy. You have to consider what finish was on the floor previously. Some finishes may not stick to or penetrate the wood if it has had a wax finish on it in the past. You also have to consider the traffic pattern in the room, the type of wood, and the color you desire. A professional should know their floor refinishing products well and can recommend something to you. This is a lot easier than doing all the research into various products yourself.

It's almost always worth having a professional refinish your wood floors. Contact a service provider in your area, such as Classic Wood Floors & Carpentry LLC, for more info.