Considerations For Choosing Hardwood To Lay Beside Carpet

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In several areas of your home, you may have two different flooring types that sit next to one another. A common example is carpet that is situated next to hardwood, which can be a stylish look in many areas of your home — for example, you might have a hardwood floor in your hallway and carpet in your living room. If you like this diverse look but are planning to replace the existing hardwood with something new, there are several considerations for you to keep in mind as you shop. Here are some things to think about when you select your new hardwood.


In general, you'll want the top surface of the carpet and the top surface of the hardwood floor to be virtually at the same level. A difference in height between these two surfaces could not only look odd, but could potentially be a trip hazard for guests in your home. Hardwood varies in thickness; if you have a thick, tall type of carpet, you'll want to ensure that you don't buy hardwood that is on the thinner side. Once you remove your existing hardwood floor, take a piece of it with you when you visit a flooring store in your area. You can use this piece to ensure that you buy something of a comparable thickness.


There are lots of color-related things to think about when you shop for hardwood that will be situated next to a carpeted area of your home. You'll want the colors of the two flooring types to work well together. A lot of people favor choosing hardwood that contrasts the look of the carpet. For example, if you have a cream-colored carpet, you might like dark brown hardwood. Try to stay away from choosing hardwood that is very close in color to the carpet, as contrast can be more pleasing to the eye than a match.


It's also worth thinking about the style of the carpet and ensuring that you buy hardwood that will work well beside it. Carpet can vary significantly in appearance, and so can hardwood. If your carpet has a very formal appearance to it, you'll likely want hardwood that also looks formal — perhaps something with a high glossy finish, for example. Similarly, if your carpet has more of a rustic look, a casual-looking hardwood such as barn board may be a good choice next to the carpet.

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