Custom Hardwood Flooring Installations To Create The Right Look For Interior Designs

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Hardwood flooring materials can be a great way to update the interior of your home, and there are a lot of options. There are even options for custom-built hardwood flooring installations that you can do for your home. The following custom hardwood flooring installation ideas will give you floors that work well with your interior design:

Custom Hardwood Foyer Entrances

The foyer is the main entrance to your home and the first floor that guests notice. Therefore, these are often areas where you may want to spend more on custom-built hardwood flooring designs. There are several options to consider for the custom hardwood floor designs in the areas, such as centerpieces with geometric designs. These features can include custom-built hardwood medallions that include features like a family crest or other artistic woodwork.

Hardwood Flooring Borders For Interior Design

The hardwood floors that you have installed n your home can also have custom border designs. A basic example of the borders is using hardwood planks that run in different directions. Different color stains can be used to create borders for your floors too. Lastly, inlay details can be added to the design at corners and other areas to improve the appearance of the hardwood borders. You can even use borders to help separate areas in the open spaces of your home.

Hardwood Patterns with Artistic and 3D Designs

You can also create unique patterns with hardwood floors. The patterns that you add to your flooring can be 3D designs that are made by using contrasting colors. These patterns create an optical illusion that makes your floors appear to be 3D. There are also other options for simpler hardwood, such as installing the planks in a herringbone pattern.

Unique Inlays and Designs to Add To Hardwoods

There are also several inlay options that you may want to consider for custom hardwood flooring designs. These inlay hardwood flooring designs can be used for various areas of your home. They can be centerpieces like at the foyer, or they can be more specific designs for other rooms. You may want to use inlays in some rooms that fit with your interior design schemes and decor.

The custom hardwood flooring you have installed can be a great way to enhance your home's interior design. Contact a custom-built hardwood flooring service to discuss these options for floors that work well with your interior design or to discuss other ideas.