Quartz Kitchen Countertops: Why Choose Them During Kitchen Renovation

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Choosing the right kitchen countertop can be a daunting process. With so many materials to choose from, you need a kitchen countertop that enhances beauty and functionality. A quartz countertop can deliver all these benefits and more. Made by mixing contents such as colorants, adhesives, and stone-like materials under high pressure, quartz countertops are a great option when renovating your kitchen. Read on to find out why. 

Wide Variety of Color and Designs to Choose From

Since quartz countertops are factory-made, they are available in various colors and designs. This is an added advantage over natural stone countertops such as marble or granite, whose color options are somewhat limited. Furthermore, the high-quality finish of quartz countertops makes them look more appealing than natural stone.

Low Maintenance

Due to their low porosity and uniformity, quartz counters are very easy to clean. In addition, their low porosity characteristics eliminate the chances of bacteria hiding within the matrix of the countertop. They are highly scratch resistant and don't need to have a sealer added to the surface. All these qualities make having quartz countertops in your kitchen a great option, which guarantees a clean and hassle-free working surface.

Conserves the Environment

If you are an environmentally conscious person, you will be pleased to know that quartz kitchen countertops go a long way in keeping mining at a bare minimum. That's because old quartz countertops can be used to make new ones. The recycling process involves the grinding and refining of quartz obtained from old countertops. Fresh resin is then used to bind the resultant quartz to make new countertops.

This might sound like no big deal, but it helps mitigate the release of greenhouse gases associated with mining. Keep in mind that these gases are known to exacerbate global warming challenges such as unpredictable climate change.


Quartz material is both hard and non-absorbent. This makes it highly resistant to breakage, chipping, or staining, unlike its natural stone counterparts. This is highly advantageous since kitchen countertops are installed in high traffic areas used during food preparation activities.

As a result, installing quartz countertops during kitchen renovation will save you money because you won't pay for frequent repairs. The increased durability also means that you won't replace the countertop earlier than you should. 

 Installing quartz countertops during your kitchen remodel is a great way to gain these benefits. Contact a supplier to learn more.