Signs You Should Have Hardwood Floor Refinishing Done

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Hardwood floor refinishing is the act of repairing hardwood floors so they are smooth, even, and sealed again. Over time, hardwood starts to wear down for a variety of reasons. including temperatures changes — hot weather can dry out hardwood while moisture can cause hardwood to swell — and other factors. Failure to refinish hardwood floors can lead to further deterioration and warping, among other types of damage, some of which can be irreparable.

If you need to have hardwood floor refinishing done in your home, it's best to have it done as soon as possible by your hardwood flooring specialist. This way, you keep your hardwood floors in better condition longer and do what you can to keep these expensive and classic floors maintained. Here are signs you should have hardwood floor refinishing done in your home.

Your hardwood floors are scratchy

Are your hardwood floors catching on your socks or bare feet? Do you see areas that are not as smooth or are noticeably more textured than other areas? When hardwood floors get scratchy, it can be a sign that their sealant is wearing off, and the floors should be refinished, sealed, and/or waxed to improve them.

Your hardwood floors look uneven in color

The sun can cause the hardwood floors in your home to lose their luster over time because the UV rays in sunlight bleach your floors. Floor spaces directly underneath windows and exposed without the cover of carpeting, rugs, or furniture will often show signs of wear first. Areas that are considered high traffic will also fade because of natural wear.

The uneven floor coloring will cause your hardwood floors to look older than they are and can affect the way they look appeal-wise in the home. The only way to fully restore the hardwood floors and make them the same color again is to have them refinished. A hardwood floor refinishing specialist will sand down your existing hardwood after stripping any sealants, then they will stain and seal the new hardwood floors as you see fit.

Your hardwood floors have been ignored for a while

Whether your hardwood floors have been covered in carpeting for years and you've just discovered them or you've not been using the rooms the hardwood is in, if you have floors that have been ignored for a while, it's time to have them treated with some refinishing. Costs vary for this service, so get a quote from your hardwood specialist before having this type of work done in your home.