3 Great Ways Of Taking Care Of Your Wood Flooring

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Installing solid or engineered wood flooring in your home has the potential to transform your property into your dream castle. Wood floors spruce up the decor and increase the value of your property. To maintain the luster and shine that a solid wood floor presents, you must know the best ways to take care of these floors as soon as professional wood flooring services complete the installation.

There's always a debate regarding the ideal wood floor maintenance method. You must stick to a regular vacuuming and dusting routine to improve hygiene and the shine of your polished floors. If you have time, you can vacuum weekly to eliminate grit that causes scratches and scuffs. If you're busy and there's heavy foot traffic, reliable home cleaning services can help you mop and dust wood floors. 

Here are some great ways of caring for your wood flooring

Prevent Floor Damage

It doesn't sound like a practical method, but preventing damage to your wood flooring is one way of maintaining the floor's beauty and allure. Easy measures like removing your shoes before entering go a long way to safeguard your engineered wood floors. Indeed, wet or muddy shoes can leave behind nasty stains and marks. In addition, you must avoid dragging heavy objects or furniture on your wood floors. To eliminate grazes on the surface, consider self-adhesive floor protectors on your sofas and tables. If you have pets, you must trim their claws to prevent scratches when they play indoors.

Clean Spills Quickly

Water is your wood flooring enemy number one. If you spill coffee or water, don't let it sit on the floor panels. You must mop up using mildly damp mops instead of soaked ones. If left to sit, small spills trigger swelling or shrinking on the wood. Equally, the humidity in your indoor air can cause problems like liquid spills. You must keep moisture levels low and use a dehumidifier to prevent cupping or splitting. If you're cleaning, mop small sections and dry them before moving to another section.

Use Recommended Cleaning Agents

Your wood flooring maintains its striking appearance if you employ recommended cleaning solutions and detergents. This not only preserves the warranty but also prevents corrosion on sealed wood surfaces. Mass-produced cleaning agents are likely to have ingredients that deface the wood surface. If you can find the appropriate detergent, consider plain water and soap. You must avoid solutions with acidic and abrasive qualities since they dull and degrade your polished wood flooring.