What Flooring Should You Use For A Bathroom

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Are you going to remodel your bathroom soon but are unsure about what type of floor you should install? If so, it helps to know what your options are. 

Rolled Vinyl

One cheap and affordable option is rolled vinyl. It is a flooring option where you have a piece of vinyl that comes in a roll, with a design already printed on it. The design typically simulates another type of flooring, such as tile. However, the biggest perk of using rolled vinyl is that you don't need to do much preparation before you install it. 

Rolled vinyl flooring is best installed when the bathroom is empty. It can float above the existing subfloor or it can be glued down. There is minimal prep work involved to get a rolled vinyl floor installed, and it is going to look good. The main downside is that you must be exact with your measurements when cutting rolled vinyl material, since cutting a part too short can result in a visible mistake that will be seen.

Ceramic Tile

Many homeowners use ceramic tile for their bathroom because they like the look and that the material is waterproof. The installation process can be lengthy and expensive, since you need to prep the floor with grout and place each tile on the floor by hand. Even though your bathroom may be small, you may be surprised at the work involved to install the floor.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Love the look of hardwood? Unfortunately, actual hardwood is not a great choice for a bathroom due to the water that can end up on the floor. That's why many people decide to use luxury vinyl plank flooring. It's a form of vinyl flooring where the wood design is printed on the top surface of the material, but the main difference is that the flooring is made entirely of vinyl. This helps the material remain waterproof, so it won't warp or deform when it's eventually exposed to water.

The nice thing about luxury vinyl plank flooring material is that it is very easy to install. It can float on top of your subfloor with no need to glue or nail it down. Much of the work involved is cutting floorboards to length and doing the trim work around the room to hide the edge of the flooring material.

Reach out to a floor sales company to learn about more options for your bathroom.