Common Hardwood Flooring Installation Myths

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In addition to adding an air of sophistication to any home, hardwood flooring is also durable and can increase the value of your house. One of the key features of hardwood flooring is how easy the product is to maintain and install. Unfortunately, there are several common misconceptions about having hardwoods installed in your home that might be keeping you from investing in this versatile product. Here are a few of the most common hardwood flooring installation myths you should not believe.

New Hardwood Floors Cannot Be Installed Over Existing Hardwood Floors

One of the most common misconceptions about hardwood flooring is that there is a lot of preparation necessary, which includes ripping out your existing hardwood flooring. In reality, as long as the hardwood, laminate, tile, or natural stone flooring you are using as a subfloor for your new hardwood is not severely warped and is flat or not damaged, it will not need to be pulled up.

However, be aware that if your existing flooring has suffered severe damage, such as from a flood, you will need to have segments, or the entire flooring system, repaired or replaced with a more stable subfloor before your new hardwoods are installed. A professional can help you decide the best way to ensure your new hardwood floors are installed correctly.

Installing Hardwood Flooring Yourself Is Easy and Will Save You Money

There are many varieties and manufacturers of hardwood flooring found at your local home improvement store. However, even if the installation looks like a breeze, chances are you will not have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to properly install quality hardwood flooring on your own.

Instead, trust the whole process of purchasing and installing hardwood flooring to the professional. A professional can help you determine the best type of hardwood flooring for your home, needs, and budget, determine if there are any repairs necessary to your home prior to installation, and expertly install the flooring.

The Manufacturer's Warranty Will Be Enough to Protect My Investment

Finally, when you have your hardwood floors professionally installed, you will not only be protected by the manufacturer's warranty, you will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the installation warranty. This means that if your hardwood floor panels become loose or require replacement, the installation warranty will cover these repairs.

From the idea that hardwood floors cannot be installed over existing flooring to the notion that you can easily and inexpensively install hardwood floors yourself, there are several common hardwood flooring installation myths you should not believe.

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