Do Your Floors Need Carpeting? Popular Residential Carpets To Choose Today

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Do you find your home's flooring dull and wanting? Then it may be time you got a new residential carpet. The benefits of using such an item are many, ranging from increased warmth and comfort to reduced noise and improved indoor air quality. Besides, a good carpet ensures you and your loved ones are safe by reducing and softening slips and falls. But, before shopping for one, you should be familiar with the options available in the market. Here are several must-know residential carpets:

1.       Shag carpets

A shag carpet is a rug made of soft-textured, long-haired fibers. This item's fluffy texture is one of the reasons many homeowners make it a part of their homes. Although these carpets have a somewhat unkempt or shaggy appearance, surprisingly enough, this quality lends them a striking look. And, if you want a rug that makes your floor soothing and comfy, shag carpets won't disappoint. But, it's paramount you know you're likely to encounter different shag rugs in the market. These are classified depending on materials, colors, patterns, and shapes. That means, for instance, you should prepare to choose a woolen shag carpet or one made from leather. All in all, shag carpets are ideal for any homeowner seeking a fluffy, remarkable, and durable rug that can withstand high foot traffic.

2.       Polyester carpets

According to statics, around 25% of carpets sold are polyester. That makes them one of the most popular floor-covering products. Most carpet companies manufacture these items using recycled plastics like water bottles. But, as their name suggests, the prevalent synthetic fiber used to make them is polyester. Manufacturers associate this material with many positive attributes, including high strength, elasticity, and wrinkle resistance. Therefore, you can expect any product made from it to have the same qualities and many more. For instance, polyester carpets are stain-resistant and minimally absorbent, making them ideal for common spillage areas. Moreover, these carpets are incredibly durable, resilient, and, most importantly, affordable.

3.       Plush carpets

Plush carpets come with a sleek, smooth finish. Plus, experts construct them using closely-tufted strands and cut them to a uniform height. Not to forget, these ornaments have a velvety eye-catching appearance that makes them suitable for decorating any room in your home, especially ones frequented by guests. And if you have kids that need protection from hard surfaces likely to hurt them when they slip or fall, plush carpets are an excellent solution. To make the deal sweeter, you can choose either a wool or synthetic fiber plush carpet, depending on your needs and preferences. Either way, a plush carpet is a good choice for ornamenting your property, making a fashion statement, and transforming your floors into surfaces that can handle a considerable amount of footfall.

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