3 Flooring Options That Are Easy Enough To Install That You Can Do It Yourself

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If you want to update the flooring in your home, but you want something budget-friendly, consider installing the floors yourself so you can save money. DIY installation probably may not be possible on a lot of options, but there are a few types of flooring that are easy to install, even for beginners. Here are three floors you can probably install yourself.

1. Carpet Tiles With Peel And Stick Backs

Traditional carpets can be difficult to install. You need special equipment and experience to do a good job. However, carpet tiles are easy to install. The most difficult part is cutting the tiles to fit when needed, but cutting can be done with a simple carpet knife, so even that isn't too difficult. The individual tiles are stuck to the floor with their peel-and-stick backing.

You can cover an entire room with the carpet squares or you can create an area rug look so you don't have to cut the squares. Carpet tiles are easy to clean and replace, too, since all you have to do is pull out a bad tile and put a new one in. Be sure to save the excess tiles so you can have spares if they're needed for repairs.

If you'd rather have vinyl floors that are easier to keep clean, then you can choose peel-and-stick vinyl tiles instead of carpet tiles.

2. Loose Lay Planks And Sheets

Loose lay flooring is even easier to install than peel-and-stick tiles. This type of flooring has stiff backing so it lays flat on the floor and doesn't need adhesive. You may still need to trim it, but since it's made from vinyl, you can cut it with a utility knife, so installation is simple. The planks look like wood or stone so they can be installed in any room. Your home will have the look of wood floors, but installation is much easier and the floors will be easier to maintain.

Loose-lay vinyl also comes in sheets that you cut to fit the size of your room. The sheets are on rolls that may be difficult to get home, but once the sheet is cut to the right size, all you have to do is lay it on the floor like a rug.

3. LVP Planks That Click Together

Luxury vinyl planks (LVP)  that click together are fairly easy to install as well since you don't need to put down glue. These floors float over old flooring, so you may not even need to tear out the old floor before you put the planks down. The planks are installed by clicking them together, and they're easy to cut with a utility knife or vinyl plank cutter.