Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring — A Must For Families

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The flooring in your home can really take a beating. If you are thinking about investing in new flooring, there are many factors that you will need to take into consideration before finalizing your choice.

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring can be extremely beneficial in homes with young children.

Learn more about the unique characteristics of LVP flooring that make this product a must for families across the country.

1. LVP Flooring Is Durable

If there is one thing parents know about their kids, it's that they can be rough on their surroundings. Almost every parent could share a story about a stray toy putting a hole in the wall or a hallway turned into an art gallery.

The flooring that you install in your home must be durable enough to stand up to any type of abuse your kids can dish out.

LVP flooring is built to last. This unique flooring won't scratch or curl up around the edges. Your kids will be able to race their cars and chase your pets without you having to worry about the floors getting ruined when you choose to install LVP flooring.

2. LVP Flooring Is Water-Resistant

Young children are still in the process of developing their fine motor skills. This means that it's inevitable that a glass of juice or water will be spilled onto the floors in your home. You want to invest in a flooring material that will not get ruined when exposed to moisture.

LVP flooring is water-resistant. You should be able to wipe away spills from the surface of your LVP floors with ease.

In the event that your child forgets to turn off the water and causes a flood, you can even pull up your LVP flooring to allow the subfloor to dry, then reinstall the same planks to help reduce your costs.

3. LVP Flooring Is Easy To Repair

No matter how durable a product may be, there is always the potential for damage. In the event that your children manage to cause damage to your LVP flooring, repairing this type of flooring is simple.

Each plank in an LVP floor snaps into place with the planks on either side. All you have to do to restore the beauty of your floors is remove the damaged plank, then snap a new one back in its place.

Being able to make simple repairs by swapping out single planks can save you money over time. For more information, turn to a service such as Floorco Flooring