Installing New Hardwood Floors? Installation Tips To Consider

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Hardwood flooring that has been installed properly and cared for well can be a beautiful investment that enhances your home for years to come. It's important to note, though, that installing a hardwood floor properly isn't a simple task. There are a few key things that you need to think about during your hardwood floor installation to ensure that it is done correctly. Here's a look at a couple of things that you should know to improve the outcome of your hardwood floor installation.

Always Let Your Hardwood Floors Acclimate First

One thing that many people overlook when it comes to hardwood floor installation is the fact that the wood floor planks need to acclimate to your space before you install them. Remember that wood will expand and contract with changes in the environment, including temperature and humidity. Lay your wood flooring out in the room where you'll install it and let it rest there for at least several days before your installation so that it can adapt to the climate before you install it. This ensures a more consistent end result.

Start With A Quality Subfloor

The end result of your hardwood floor installation is largely dependent upon the condition of the subfloor that you're installing the hardwood over. Take time to assess the subfloor to ensure that it is structurally sound, free of damage, and level. If the subfloor isn't level, you'll end up needing filler to create a flat, level hardwood floor. It's easier to address this with the subfloor than it is to try to fill in gaps during hardwood floor installation.

Remember That The First Row Serves As The Guide

When you get ready to start your wood floor installation, start in a spot where you have a guaranteed straight edge. That way, you ensure that your initial row of wood planks is installed straight, which helps to set the stage for the rest of the flooring. That first row serves as the foundation for the rest of the floor so, if it isn't straight, the rest of the floor won't be, either.

These are a few of the things that you should think about with hardwood floor installation before you start installing your new floors. You may want to talk with an installation contractor to have the job done professionally instead. That way, you can be sure that your floors are properly installed to last for years to come. 

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