3 Reasons Why Polished Concrete Is A Great Flooring Option For Commercial Property

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If you are investing in a new commercial property, you are likely looking at different building materials for your business. One aspect you will need to look at is flooring; there are many options, such as tile, hardwood, and composite. Concrete flooring can be a great option for commercial properties. While polished concrete may not seem like an aesthetically pleasing option, builders use machinery and diamond pads to remove any imperfections and to give the surface a matte finish or glossy finish. Besides concerns with aesthetics, some people may balk at concrete because it is noisy. However, builders can install acoustic membranes in the subfloor so that footsteps are dampened. Here are three reasons why polished concrete can be a great flooring option.

They Are Durable and Save on Costs

When concrete is polished and sealed, it can be incredibly strong and last many years with good care. This durability can save on costs — especially in high foot traffic areas — since everyday wear and tear can crack or dent other flooring materials. Laminate and wood flooring can also be damaged much more easily by scratches and moisture.

Besides saving on long-term costs, the initial costs of polished concrete tend to be better than other flooring options. For instance, the cost of ceramic tile can sometimes be 4 times higher than polished concrete. The price of polished concrete can go up if you invest in custom colors and scoring/staining details. But overall, basic and mid-range polished concrete options are more affordable.

They Are Easy to Maintain

Because polished concrete already has a layer of sheen from the grinding process, these floors typically don't need chemical waxing or abrasive cleaners. Dry mopping can be enough to maintain the floor on a regular basis. Carpeting is more difficult because it requires vacuuming and annual deep cleanings to make sure the fibers aren't holding onto debris. Since polished concrete is sealed, it's less porous than other flooring options, so it doesn't require deep scrubbing to remove dirt or calcium buildup in grout lines.

They Reduce Allergens

Again, because polished concrete is sealed, it offers great protection against moisture. This means that mildew and mold spores are less likely to form, and customers and employees won't have to deal with these allergens. In carpeted areas, pollen, dander, and other allergens can become embedded in carpet fibers. In fact, studies have found a correlation between carpeted floors and worsening asthma symptoms and respiratory infections. Polished concrete doesn't hold onto allergens since the surface is non-porous and smooth.

Reach out to a flooring supplier today to learn more about concrete polishing.