3 Advantages Of Dustless Floor Sanding

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Hardwood floors often require sanding before refinishing them. This requires hiring a professional as the involved process can be strenuous if your floors are old. Besides helping you with the refinishing, flooring contractors often have dustless floor sanding equipment, integral to the sanding process. This equipment aids in smoothening the floors and does not release a lot of dust during the process. It protects you from dust exposure, which can lead to various health problems. Here are three advantages of dustless sanding.

Easy Clean-Up

One of the reasons some homeowners are reluctant to sand their wooden floors is because of the cleaning that follows. Sanding leads to dust accumulation on the floors, furniture, and walls. Others don't like sanding their hardwood floors because it may force them to incur more costs by hiring a cleaning company. However, dustless sanding ensures easy clean-up; the dustless floor sanding machine reduces the dust released into the air. With dustless sanding, you will skip the hassle of deep cleaning your house or avoid the cost of hiring a cleaning crew.

Faster Refinishing Process

Floor sanding is the first step when refinishing your hardwood floors. Its primary aim is to remove the previous finishing layer before applying the new finish. The sanding process can be slow when using ordinary sanding methods, especially when sanding a large floor space. In contrast, using dustless floor sanding equipment reduces the time required to sand the floor. Moreover, the equipment captures the dust while sanding, meaning you will not spend a lot of time cleaning the accumulated dust before applying the finish. With dustless sanding, you will not wait long before all your home's floors are refinished.

Expect High-Quality Results

Another benefit of dustless sanding is that it yields better results than ordinary sanding methods. Many people use sandpaper when sanding their wooden floors. However, the final result may not be as expected due to dust accumulation. For example, you will accumulate a lot of dust on the floors when using sandpaper, making it hard to know if the floors are evenly sanded. Another shortcoming of ordinary sanding methods is that you may not get consistent results, especially if many people are sanding your floors. 

On the other hand, the dustless floor sanding equipment is precise and smooth, increasing your chances of having the best outcome. With this equipment, you won't have to hire many people for the sanding job, especially if your home's floor space is big. Go for dustless sanding to get high-quality results.

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